Everyday Crossbody

Trying to choose the right investment bag has proven more difficult with all the options out there. But I have narrowed down my exact needs through looking into my lifestyle and preference for the items I need to carry. I have come to the conclusion that I personally don’t need to carry much as anything too heavy can cause a strain on my shoulders. Taking that all into account, including my personal style of streamlined simple designs, I have a list of handbags here that I am highly considering in my quest to find the right one. Let me know which one is your favorite and also a personal dream bag of yours!

  • Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis – I originally saw this bag in monogram canvas and loved the shape and the divided internal pockets. Once I saw it in the empreinte leather I knew it was the perfect combination of design and material.
  • Prada Pionnière bag – The classic saddle bag shape is what drew me to this design along with the smooth leather and wide strap. The studs that make up the strap adjustments add the perfect amount of gold detail that I prefer.
  • Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Nano leather tote – This has been a dream bag of mine for some time. It encompasses all the reasons why I love the brand, the mix of simplicity and beauty. The accordion-like side details add a subtle texture to the flat look of the bag.
  • Gucci GG Marmont matelasse mini bag – I originally liked the Soho Disco version of this bag but this new season redesign has me liking the camera bag design even more. It may seem like a trend piece at the moment but because of the classic shape of the bag, there isn’t need to worry about it’s longevity in your closet for seasons to come. I also like the simple zipper tassel and chevron design in comparison to the Soho Disco.
  • Louis Vuitton Twice – I had never known of this design until a couple years ago and it’s kind of like the perfect basic design, in my opinion. For some it may seem boring but for me it would be wearable for a lifetime. I’m all about choosing to invest for the long-term, especially when devoting so much money to an item. The three pocket design is perfect for those who like to compartmentalize like me.
  • Saint Laurent Monogramme Sac Universite medium textured-leather shoulder bag – This bag comes in both a smooth and pebbled leather but the textured design seems less prone to visible scratches. It seems both practical and statement to me, especially with the large gold logo. I don’t usually prefer flashy brand logos on my handbags but the design of it is minimalist enough for me to love it still.

Black Crossbody

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Everyday Crossbody

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